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US mum shoots, kills kids for ‘talking back’

TAMPA (Florida) – THE army officer’s wife who authorities say killed her teenage daughter and son because she was fed up with them talking back and being mouthy did not appear in court Saturday because she’s being treated at a hospital for an unknown condition. Authorities say Julie Powers Schenecker was taken to Tampa General …

What is Lee Kuan Yew’s view on Fertility and New Immigrants?

THE fertility rate for Singapore Chinese – already the lowest among all races here – slid to 1.02 last year from 1.08 in 2009, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew disclosed on Tuesday night. Singapore thus needs to remain open to new immigrants, and groups like the clan associations have an important role to play in …

Singapore’s fertility rate hits record low of 1.16

THE average number of children that a Singapore woman would bear in her lifetime dropped to yet another nadir last year. Preliminary estimates of the Total Fertility Rate put it at 1.16, down from 1.22 – already a record low – the previous year, announced Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Wong Kan Seng on Monday. Meanwhile, …