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Top 5 Pallet Stacker Company in Singapore

January 11, 2022 | Author: | Posted in Equipment

Pallet stackers make it easier and faster to move, lift, load, and unload pallets. They are a compact, cost-effective, and lightweight alternative to forklift trucks. A pallet stacker’s prongs can straddle a pallet, allowing it to maneuver it in much narrower places than a forklift. As a result, they are ideal for low- to mid-level …

Sending Parcel to Malaysia 101

January 11, 2022 | Author: | Posted in Logistic

To send your parcel, you have to consider factors such as your packaging, date of delivery, and of course, your mode of transport for that parcel to be delivered to Malaysia. Here are some suggestions you should consider and before sending your parcel to Malaysia: Packaging Customs Information Prohibited Goods Mode of Transport Duration Cost …