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What do people live for? Look at these 5 “boys”

Based on a true story of 5 elderly buddies who had a dream… to go round Taiwan on their motorcycles. What makes it heartening was that they actually brought along a portrait of their demised buddy and wife (presumably). So what are you living your life for? To live longer? To keep living? To miss …

Chinese man trains 60 cats to guard granary

January 17, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Animal Care & Pets, Asia, International, News and Society

DALIAN – A MAN has trained 60 cats to guard a grain depot from rats, the Dalian-based Peninsula Morning Post reported on Monday. Yin Chunzhu, an employee at a storage and transportation company in Dalian, north-east China’s Liaoning province has been dubbed ‘Cat commander’ for his army of feline guards. The barn, stocked with organic …