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Singapore’s fertility rate hits record low of 1.16

THE average number of children that a Singapore woman would bear in her lifetime dropped to yet another nadir last year.

Preliminary estimates of the Total Fertility Rate put it at 1.16, down from 1.22 – already a record low – the previous year, announced Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Wong Kan Seng on Monday.

Singapore fertility rate drops, yet again.

Singapore fertility rate drops, yet again.

Meanwhile, the number of new permanent residents has also gone down.

A total of 29,265 foreigners were granted permanent residency last year. This is half of the 59,460 given in 2009.

But the number of new citizens held steady at 18,758, a little shy of the 19,928 in the previous year.

Speaking at the Singapore Perspectives Conference organised by think-tank Institute of Policy Studies, DPM Wong also laid out the long-term thrust of Singapore’s population strategy.


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