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5 Reasons To Buy Flowers Online!

Flowers are known to be loved by ladies and a few men. However, buying flowers can be rather time-consuming, especially if you are always caught up with work! What is the other alternative? Online shopping!

Shopping for flowers online seems like an uncommon thing to do, due to the reasons that it would not be possible to smell the flowers or even touch them. However, for those who really do not have the time do so; buying flowers online can be just as good. Here are 5 reasons, why buying flowers online should be considered.

1. Efficiency
We are so busy with our daily lives that the last thing we had in mind would be shopping. Yes, who doesn’t enjoy shopping? But if you are really tied up with time and desperately needed to surprise your loved one at the last minute – online shopping will be ideal! Type in, “florist in Singapore”, and you will be surprised that a few florist shops offer a 24 hours delivery service, and still offer full service even if you order at 10 p.m.

2. Wide variety of flower categories, flower colours and promotions
Shopping for flowers online does not only mean able to browse through the whole catalogue of the florist shop, but also speed shopping! This means if you are really crunching for time, you are able to quickly click on the category, choose your flower colour and proceed to check out; or if you are going for a particular occasion gift – you can browse through the promotion section. This advantage that online shopping provides, helps to reduce customer’s time by a fraction when it comes to last minute shopping.

3. Signing up for online membership
Another one of the perks of online shopping is the opportunity to sign up for online membership. With online membership, customers are able to share personal significant dates with the florist – in return, florist will notify customers of the date, and asked if they would want to carry out the same delivery as they did before. On the other hand, the other benefits of being an online member are: getting exclusive discounts, latest updates on the company’s promotion and news, and storing personal information. These benefits can all be enjoyed in a matter of a few minutes, once you signed up as a member.

4. Track an order
Tracking an order will be possible with online shopping as parcel number will be given if customer request for express delivery. On the other hand, when successfully delivered – the florist will check in with the customer if the parcel was received successfully or not. Not only are deliveries reliable, but it also cuts the customer time from delivering it themselves to their loved ones. Delivery also creates a sweet surprise for the recipients.

5. Choose from a wide variety of florist online
The last reason that will set apart online shopping and purchasing flowers from the shop would be: the wide selection of florist services available online. Type in, “florist online in Singapore”, and be surprised to see a wide variety of florist online and the different types of floral services available. As compared to going to a shopping mall, which probably only have one florist shop; online provides more than five florist services and purchases are done at the comfort of own home.

These five reasons stated above would be enough to convince any customers that shopping for flowers online are the way to go, especially if you spend most of your days at work and do not have the time to go out and shop for flowers. Not only is online shopping very efficient, it also offers a wide variety of selection, which can all be done at the comfort of your own home.


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