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“Happy Birthday Mummy!”

October 27, 2021 | Author: | Posted in Water Heater

Have you ever had any difficulties getting a gift for your parents? Since young my family has been less fortunate. We did not have the luxury to own the latest gadgets or have fully functional working household items.

One of the things my family has always wanted is a water heater, as they hate the cold. And now that I am a working adult with a stable income, I am able to provide for my parents. The first gift that I bought for my mother was on her birthday, and let me just say, it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. Ever since I got her the RHEEM digital instant water heater, she looks much happier and energetic.

It took me a lot of research and reading to find a water heater that would be most suitable for my family. In this day and age, there are a lot of brands in the market that offer these products due to the rise of consumer demands. But I decided to choose RHEEM due to the fact that they have developed some of the most innovative upgrades in heating, cooling and water heating. They have been in this market for a long time, therefore I ended up choosing their product.

In my opinion, RHEEM offers one of the best electric tankless water heaters that I have seen. TheIr products are energy efficient, convenient to use, and I am also allowed to set my own temperature. Using energy efficient products at home reduces my home’s demands on energy consumption and we rely less on power plants. I would have gotten RHEEM’s solar water heaters if my family and I were living on a landed property as it is a good investment for the long run. This is because solar water heaters use solar energy emitted through sunlight to heat the water. Which cuts down electricity bills and helps reduce harmful greenhouse emissions into the environment, causing less air pollution.

I have also realised that RHEEM’s water heaters are easy to maintain and install, which is convenient for a blur person like me. All I have to do is to check for leakages, tears in the insulator, loose wires, and that all nuts and bolts are secured tightly. I do not even need to hire someone else to check, saving me from any additional costs. Some of the water heater features that my family like is the digital control and its built-in pumps. Their digital temperature control allows us to set our desired water temperature. Its built-in pumps ensure a smooth flow of water with excellent water pressure, so we do not have to worry about water flowing at an inconsistent rate.

Some advantages of Solar Water Heaters:

  • They are efficient – the radiation produced by the sun will now turn into heat energy
  • You are using free energy – solar energy is free and abundant
  • They lower your carbon footprint – solar energy produces little to no emissions when it is converted to electricity
  • You save money on electricity bills – the electricity to power the water heater will now be emitted from the sun and converted into solar energy

My family and I have realised that we seldom fall sick now ever since we have gotten RHEEM’s water heater. Apparently good blood circulation helps healthy blood and oxygen flow throughout our body, allowing our important organs to function properly and efficiently.

My mother found it easier to exercise now as compared to before we had the water heater. She claims that she feels more refreshed now as she would not have to shower in freezing cold water at night after a long day of work. I have also realised that she rarely complains about her back aches and lack of sleep, due to the hot showers.

There are many benefits in taking hot showers like lowering blood sugar/pressure, falling asleep faster, helping relieve cold/flu symptoms, and many more. As hot water is a vasodilator, meaning it expands the blood vessels in our body, improving circulation and helping muscles to relax and reduce pain. It also makes it easier to fall asleep as hot showers help you change your body temperature and signal your body that it is time for bed. It also relaxes your muscles and thoughts making you feel calm and serene.

To sum everything up, not only is RHEEM’s products highly functional but it is also easy to use. RHEEM not only offers tank water heaters but tankless ones too. It is energy efficient which allows us to help with the rise of global warming. It also is not a hassle task to check whether there is any need for maintenance and such. Its digital temperature control feature allows us to be able to change our temperature setting at any point of time. Since it is an instant water heater, my family and I do not have to spend time waiting for water to heat up. We can just jump right in! It provides us with hot water whenever we need it. It also saves us space as the water heater system is not a big appliance. RHEEM’s water heater products also last a long time, so we do not need to worry about having to replace them every few years.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my family happy. I can not believe how much joy and serenity a simple digital instant water heater can cause. My family has always complained about showers in cold water but I never knew how greatly it had affected them until after getting the RHEEM’s water heater. I am glad that I purchased the water heater instead of gifts like flowers, Coach handbags or Solvil Et Titus watches. The reason why I am writing this blog is so that you guys can upgrade your water heaters by using RHEEM. I strongly encourage everyone who is reading this to invest in RHEEM, by getting yourself one of their products. It is worth every dollar.


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