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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tankless Instant Water Heaters

October 29, 2021 | Author: | Posted in Water Heater

Most houses in the Philippines tend to use tank water heaters as it is cheaper compared to tankless water heaters. However, it takes up a lot of space and it can be a hassle to refill the tank if you are not familiar with the nuts and bolts. This is where RHEEM’s tankless water heaters come in. It does the same exact job as a tank water heater but does not take up much space at all. You do not have to worry about the price as RHEEM’s tankless water heaters are one of the cheapest in the market.

Not only is the price of the electric water heater cheap but it is easy to install as well. It is energy efficient, convenient to use, you are also able to set your own water temperature to however you like. They have a digital control temperature feature which allows you to control your own temperature settings however hot or cold you want them. There is also a continuous flow rate so you do not have to worry about suddenly being cold in the shower. RHEEM’s water heater does not take a lot of time to heat up the water. In fact, you can just hop in after a strenuous workout or so.

If you are looking for alternatives, RHEEM also offers solar water heaters in the Philippines. Solar water heaters are devices that take sunlight and use it to heat water. They convert sunlight into electrical energy through the panels that focus on solar radiation. Since this water heater uses solar energy, it is also considered as renewable energy. It is useful energy that comes from renewable resources, meaning it will be replaced by a natural resource once used. Solar water heaters also help you save money as they are super energy efficient. It can cut your utility bills by 50 per cent as it uses renewable energy to function.

Other than it being energy efficient, here is a list of 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tankless Instant Water Heaters:

  1. No risk of water tank exploding

All tank water heaters now are required to have a temperature and pressure relief valve to help release pressure and minimise the probability of the tank exploding. However, as time goes by, minerals and debris can clog up the valves and stop it from working well. This will cause a lot of pressure to build up and may put you at risk. As there is no tank which is able to overheat, tankless water heaters do not give that kind of danger. It is also a safer device if you have children around.

  1. Less risk of exposure to toxic metals and burns

Other than the risk of exploding, you are also less likely to get burned by hot water as you are able to control the temperature. Overtime, the tank water heater will break down as water will start to cause the inner lining of the tank to corrode and rust the metal. When this happens the particles and debris will make their way into the water lines and expose everyone to harmful toxins. There is also the possibility of getting lead poisoning as hot water is likely to contain higher levels of lead. Studies have shown that lead can be absorbed through the skin or by touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Since tankless water heaters do not hold any supply of water in a corroding tank, the water is more pure and safe to use.

  1. Longer life expectancy & durability

The average expectancy of a tankless water heater is about 20 years compared to tank water heaters that last for an average of 12 years. Though the initial price of a tankless water heater is more than that of a tank water heater, it lasts longer and has lower operating costs. They also have easily replaceable parts that will extend their life expectancy as compared to tankless water heaters. The reason why it lasts longer is because tankless water heaters are less exposed to corrosion caused by water than tank water heaters. If you are planning to stay where you are for a long time, investing in a tankless water heater will save you money from having to find a replacement every now and then.

  1. A wanted feature on the resale market

Even if you do not plan to stay where you are for a long time, a tankless water heater will still be a good investment. Homes with tankless water heaters are sold for 4 percent more than their expected value. One of the main reasons for this is because the new generation of buyers care a lot about sustainability and environmental responsibility. Meaning, they are willing to pay more for appliances that are environmentally sustainable. Another reason is that it frees up space for storage. Tankless water heaters are fitted onto the wall, creating additional space. Meanwhile, you and your family members can enjoy an endless supply of hot water while saving utility bills.

  1. Fresher & “cleaner” water

Tankless water heaters only heats water on demand, so it does not sit in a tank for hours or days before using. This crosses out the usage of “stale” water as the water comes directly from the water lines. Some people say that you will notice a distinctive difference in the overall quality of the water as compared to tank water heaters.

To end this off, RHEEM’s tankless water heater is not only efficient, it is also sustainable, safer, and highly functional. It has several advantages over the traditional tank water heaters. Getting yourself a tankless instant water heater from RHEEM will be a good investment for your house as it will increase your resale value and supply instant hot water to you and your family. It is also easy to maintain and it does not require you to hire any technician to do regular checkups. Best of all, they last almost twice as long as tank water heaters.


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