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What is the current situation in Egypt?

February 2, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Africa, International, News and Society, Politics, Society, Travel & Leisure

CAIRO – LEGIONS of tourists, foreign expatriates and worried Egyptians descended on Cairo airport on Sunday, desperate to get on a flight and escape the uncertainty of violent anti-government unrest.

What is the current situation in Egypt?

Those who could press through the traffic jam on the approach roads found a themselves in a near biblical scene of weary families, screaming children and grown men under the eye of a handful of policemen overwhelmed by the crowd.

Dorothy Reddy, 62, a retiree from Baltimore, Maryland, advanced just three metres in two hours in the queue for passport inspection.

‘We came Friday, for a 12-day cruise on the River Nile,’ she said. ‘It took hours to reach the hotel. It was a nightmare. Now they’ve cancelled everything and they are trying to get us out of here.’ She added: ‘The only thing I saw were the Pyramids – from my hotel window.

I think we’re flying to Amsterdam… Or anywhere. As long as we leave this place.’ In the parking lot, about 100 expatriates, working for two French companies, told how they had been waiting for hours to get near the check-in counters.

‘The order came down this morning: we must all leave, with our families,’ said Markus Teucsich, 35. ‘That makes about 100 of us. Last night, there was non-stop shooting in our neighbourhood. Lafarge (a cement producer) and Credit Agricole (a major bank) chartered an aircraft to take everyone back home.’ — AFP


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