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March 11, 2020 | Author: Wahyu | Posted in Health & Fitness

Despite the value of hearing in human communication, we still understand very little of the acoustic signals are perceived and how they’re processed to let us make sense of them. One thing is clear though: the more precisely we can differentiate sound patterns, the greater our hearing is. However, how does the brain manage to differentiate between relevant and less relevant information — particularly in an environment with background noise?


Have researched the neuronal foundation of audio understanding and sound discrimination at a challenging sound environment. The focus has been on research to the adrenal gland — the” auditory brain,” that is, the area of the brain which processes acoustic stimulation. The resulting action patterns stem from measurements in a mouse brain.


As is well understood, the differentiation between sounds becomes more difficult the closer they are in the frequency spectrum. Originally, the investigators assumed that additional noise could make this type of hearing task even more difficult. However, the opposite was observed: The group managed to demonstrate that the brain’s ability to distinguish subtle tone differences enhanced when white noise was added to the background. In comparison to a quiet environment, the sound consequently facilitated auditory perception.


Noise reduces neuronal activity


The information of the study team revealed that white noise considerably inhibited the action of the nerve cells in the adrenal gland. Ironically, this suppression of this neuronal excitation led to a more exact perception of the pure tones.


To confirm the auditory cortex and not another region of the brain has been responsible for the change in audio understanding, the researchers used the light-controlled technique ontogenetic. Their findings could possibly be utilized to improve auditory perception in situations where sounds are difficult to differentiate. It’s possible that cochlear implants can be aroused with an effect similar to white noise in order to improve the frequency resolution and thus the hearing consequence of their customers. click more hearing loss in singapore



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