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“Dr Natasha Lim Made my Mum See Again! Yeppie!”

October 13, 2020 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

“Dr. Natasha Lim made my mum see again! Yeppie!”

Here is a story about how my mum recovered from Cataract after undergoing a Cataract Surgery. One year, we went to see Dr. Natasha Lim as my mum’s eyesight was progressively getting worse. The clinic was mentioned in a TV advert for how it helps to see a cataract surgeon if ever the eyesight of your mum, dad, aunt, uncle, or elderly is suffering from bad eyesight.

Laser cataract surgery

After doing my research, I saw that Dr. Natasha Lim had great reviews on her clinic and so I planned for a visit with Mum. So often, we see reviews and recommendations from online or by family friends, and without knowing what to expect we just know that the doctor will be good. First time seeing a doctor in Singapore and you know they’re either very experienced or not.

When visiting Dr Natasha Lim, she was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in providing a solution for my mum’s eyesight. As a newcomer to her clinic, both mum and I were impressed with the service, advanced technology used, and their system is going through an appointment from start to finish.

The design of the clinic was also well set up and maintained to use the latest equipment and technology to treat patients. I knew this because mum’s cataract surgery was done so efficiently and smoothly.
cataract in my mum’s eyes
When going in for her appointment, mum’s eyesight had already been pretty bad and progressively getting worse. It is not until she could not see the labels on packages at the supermarket or texts on her phone that could not be enlarged any more or her vision for color was getting deteriorated. Throughout the years, mum never complained much about her eyesight bothering her. Only until recent months, almost 6 months ago did she start to mention her difficulties in reading.
Diagnosis of Cataract in my mother’s eyes


Later on, after visiting Dr. Natasha Lim, she diagnosed my mum with having cataract and asked for my mum to go for cataract surgery within a few weeks. They had all the facilities to carry out the surgery at the clinic and Mum was very pleased to have Dr. Natasha Lim to do the procedure.

After reading up on cataract surgery in Singapore and where is the best place to go to get cataract surgery done, we were sure that doing it there is safe and one of the top locations. We were happy and more comfortable knowing that Dr. Natasha Lim is a certified surgeon with a Ph.D. and has had a lot of experience. Mum underwent the laser cataract surgery on Friday and it was perfectly done with the least complications and stress.


Dr. Natasha Lim winning a prize
The procedure took about 20-30 minutes and mum said she was in the calmest state she thought she would be in as she was quite agitated. After the procedure, mum was taken to a resting room before bringing her home to rest. Luckily mum went to Dr. Natasha Lim and will continue to see her monitor my mum’s eyes. She has said she feels so much better after the Laser cataract surgery


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