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What is an event?

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An event is not merely a mere occurrence event in Singapore. It’s a powerful communication medium that you can use to awaken, amaze, persuade, unify groups or even, with which you can achieve the goals of the community relationships you set. Well managed, it can and should be an important milestone in your life or your company . Planning and implementing an event is an artistic, creative, and in need of the highest thoroughness in engineering all parts and their sequence. It also requires relentlessly insisting on quality and high standard enforcement. His success depends on the artistic and organizational skills of the event planner working closely with his customers in creating events, planning them, selecting all his elements until the last detail, and then… Reality.

Products & imagined messages
The first step to be done by the event planner and the customer is to imagine the event in full. It is necessary to get a complete picture of what the event is like, look like, feel like for a guest or a delegate, and what results you want to do and/or what message you want to convey. Giving a name to the result and the message very precisely is very important. Without this in mind, event venue selection, agenda, set design, lighting or decoration, and many details can end up betraying the purpose of the event. Examples of imagined results can be: For a corporate party that all employees feel they are part of a great and valuable team, are proud to be a part of them, and renew their commitments to the company and its objectives.

The products of fundraisers can be a lot of donations of course, but also the participants assure that they contribute to great and valuable purpose, feel special to be part of this effort, and be willing to contribute more. Wedding products can be for bride and groom, family and friends to experience one in a lifetime, fascinated by it, emotionally affected, foresee alongside the best future, and of course to have a very good time. The expected outcome of product launches is that the participants want to buy the product, use it, market it further, and have confidence in you and the product. So, depending on the type of event, the event planner and the customer must name together the results imaginable they want, as well as the message. The planning of each section and event details should align and integrate with this message or the results imaginable.

Event Planning
Predictions & Sequences
At this stage the event planner coordinates with the customer mentioning all parts of the event, all the order, and all the necessary suppliers. Event Agenda is the exact sequence of actions that will happen from start to finish. Working on it in detail allows one to visualize the event completely and thereby predict any and all details that would otherwise be ignored. How do guests get there? Should we provide transportation, maps, anything. What about parking? What happens when the guests enter the venue? For a congress they sometimes need a name label, in another event you will have a guest list with the acceptance settings.

Then what happened? How do they get a drink? Where is the bathroom? Where are they seated? How comfortable is it necessary? How do we get their feedback when they go? It’s very few of the many questions answered. Each of the required suppliers is chosen based on their ability to meet customer demands, according to the required quality and in the event budget. The event planner will have experience with the event supplier and therefore will be able to select reliable and proven people.

Quality & Integration
There once again all the sections need to integrate with each other in terms of style, standards, and align to the messages and results imaginable. Of course higher quality is often more expensive. A good event planner will strive to find the best quality and price options for customers, and most often get offers that are only professional. This is why in most cases, using the Event planner is not, in the final count, is an additional cost. However, in determining the qualities required and to keep fulfilling a person’s budget should evaluate the selection of goods against the results and messages imaginable.

Replacing expensive laser performances with fireworks For example can make the same impact and save a lot of cost. On the other hand, replacing tablecloths with paper cloth can significantly decrease the effect of decorating and menu and lowering one’s message. A good event planner will help and guide customers in making all these decisions and in fulfilling their budgets.

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