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What is a Reach Truck?

February 8, 2022 | Author: | Posted in Equipment

Imagine this, you’re at a warehouse, boxes stacked high out of your reach. A conundrum to be sure, how are you supposed to reach those boxes far above the humanly possible height without risk of dropping something or even worse bringing the whole shelf down? Simple, use a pallet stacker Singapore. While these may be expensive at retail, there are many used reach trucks for sale in Singapore.

A reach truck can easily navigate narrow spaces
An operator driving a forklift in Singapore

Reach Trucks are forklifts designed to be utilized in confined and narrow aisle applications, such as warehouses. They are designed with two outer legs that help with load distribution, with a single set of wheels in the back which are located right below the operator to create a tiger turn radius. This allows for much tighter controls for easier navigation in smaller spaces while still being able to reach higher places.

A warehouse with narrow rows and large shelves are ideal for reach trucks
The big warehouse which is very suitable for pallet stacker Singapore

However, one might ask, why would you need a powered pallet truck if you just make the shelves shorter and have wider space? The answer would be space conservation. By stacking the shelves higher and creating narrower aisles, you would be able to fit a lot more in a smaller area and it’s clear as day that getting a larger warehouse would cost much more than a reach truck which can save you a lot of trouble.

Some of the key features of a reach truck include tight controls and handling for navigation of tight areas, adjustable deceleration to allow you to lower heavy loads to the ground safely with very minimal impact upon touchdown, fast travel, and lift/lower speeds for faster loading and unloading as well as speedier navigation, the ability to simultaneously perform auxiliary functions and lift functions to allow lowers/lifting while in motion.

A large warehouse which a reach truck can easily navigate
Pallet storage box in industrial warehouse Toyota forklift parts

Surely, something this useful and basically essential in warehouses must cost a fortune, right? Likely for you, there are alternatives to buying brand new mint condition retail reach trucks which may cost a lot of money you are unwilling to part with. This alternative is to purchase a used reach truck. There is a stigma regarding purchasing second-hand goods with common concerns like if the product will be damaged, will it have any defects, is there any wear and tear, etc. However, when purchasing a used reach truck, these would usually have been touched up before resale or have valid warranties, so in the event of any issue, you would be covered.

In conclusion, reach trucks are invaluable in any field that requires reaching objects at a great height and especially in narrower spaces that might not accommodate other larger vehicles while retaining a high level of mobility as well as control, ensuring that there will never be a mishap while keeping work fast and precise. In this regard, it is the perfect tool in warehouses and you should get one if you work in that field. Not only are they very efficient but can be acquired cheaper through purchasing a used reach truck for sale Singapore.


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