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Bleeding gums (Periodontal Disease)

February 18, 2020 | Author: Wahyu | Posted in General Dentistry

Bleeding gums aren’t normal.

This issue ought to be attended to. It’s one of the indicators of periodontal disease.


What is Periodontal Disease (gum disease)?

Periodontal disease affects the supporting cells of the tooth — the periodontal ligament, the gingiva (gums), alveolar bone (supporting bone) and the cementum (root layer of tooth). Gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults.


The illness begins as inflammation of the gum margin with inflammation, swelling and bleeding on brushing, a point known as gingivitis. Without adequate attention gingivitis may gradually give way to chronic periodontists in which the bone along with the fibres beneath the gum which encourage the enamel are progressively attacked (normally without pain). This may result in eventual loosening and finally loss of the tooth.


Cause of Allergic Disease

Periodontal disease is caused by dental plaque (Biofilm), a soft almost invisible layer of BACTERIA which forms on the teeth and also is found in most mouths. Any irregularity around the teeth will promote accumulation of plaque by making tooth cleaning difficult eg. Jagged teeth, overhanging edges of braces, badly contoured fillings, some kinds of partial dentures and calculus. It has a rough surface that is not possible to clean completely. As the illness progresses, the organic shallow crevice between the gum and the tooth develops to make a periodontal pocket where plaque accumulates causing additional destruction.


Can I lose my teeth?

You shouldn’t lose teeth – you are able to keep them if treatment is sought in the earlier stages. Bleeding gums, red gums, swollen gums shouldn’t be ignored — the problem won’t go away. These are signs that signal that all is not well. It isn’t normal to have bleeding gums. Seek periodontal (gum) therapy.


Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular (heart) Disease and Stroke

Studies have been shown that severe periodontal disease is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (heart) disease especially in men as well as for stroke. The importance of treating periodontal disease is therefore of important important as it will affect your health.


Untreated periodontal disease is much similar to having a large sore or wound. Diabetics have to have their periodontal disease handled. Infections shouldn’t be present. The surface area of the gums is around the size of your palm. A sore / wound of the size will affect your control of diabetes.


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