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What Are The 5 Most Common Website Problems In 2020

January 26, 2021 | Author: | Posted in Web Design

A website is the face of your company in the online community and creates a reputation of your business with its presence. Your website is essentially what helps you to succeed and grow by being the most common form of interaction with new customers, loyal customers and supporters. With little emphasis on just how much importance your website has towards the success of your business, more often we overlook the maintenance and effort we need to put in to make it great.


There are many things you can do to make a website great, but there are also many things that with or without realising, we shouldn’t be doing that is not doing any good for a website. In this article, we will explain some of the most common problems that a website may face and how a web designer can help to fix it.

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1. Stagnant websites

In a lot of cases, many websites are created and left on the web to stagnant. This can be due to multiple reasons whether a company doesn’t have the skills internally to maintain the website or simply because no effort is being made to keep it updated. 

The problem with a website that is left for the dead, is that your site directly affects your reputation in the crowd. A poor website is associated with low professionalism of a company and an unpopular brand or business. Therefore, if you are designing a website for your company it is essential that you have the support to maintain it throughout the duration of your company in business. 

Maybe, in the future, getting your own web developer can save you the cost of outsourcing to a web design company and have your expertise available in-house. When it comes to keeping your website relevant, it is highly recommended to engage a professional with the knowledge to help. 

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2. Poor Content and Website Design

Another common problem with a website is a poor design and irrelevant content. As a user, we go onto a website for a purpose. There is nothing worse than clicking in and out of a website because of not being able to find what it is we are looking for. In order to tackle this problem, we can engage in web designer(s) to find the downfalls in our web design. 

It can be due to poor navigation plan of the site, extreme graphics that are too loud that become annoying instead of catchy, the best information and content is hidden within the website and cannot be found. For whatever reason, you may be receiving low traffic and low conversion rates due to a bad web design and slacky content. In a competitive market, we cannot afford to be average but want to stand out. An experienced web designer as compared to a graphic designer will have more knowledge to create an attractive website from start to finish. It is worth noting this, as often these professions can be mistaken to be similar and can be a headache to have half completed projects when web design solutions are needed to fix a layout problem, for example. 

3. Lack of optimisation and call to action buttons on your Web Pages

The main efforts of a web developer/web designer goes into attracting visitors to your page and being noticed on search engines. In order to maintain rankings, website design services will need to optimise your website pages to a level where your content can be recognised when searched for. This can include, optimising keywords on written articles or images and finding the right amount of it that is required. A common problem that website designers face is when pages become inefficient. Often, customers are left to figure out what to do next when a website lacks call to action buttons such as, buy now, contact now, subscribe now information that a business owner can forget that your customers cannot read your mind. Therefore, making a website that is well thought through to serve customers is an essential factor to a great website. 

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4. Little thought to get websites ranked

It is always easier and more exciting to come up with the aesthetic design for a website. We spend a lot of time and creativity in finding what will be visually appealing and how to make our website replicate our branding. However, we must also figure out how we are going to reach the right people to see our work. It is not so much effort in designing but a technical skill required to find the best method to reach your market. Because, your content and creativity only is an asset if it can be found. Activities such as increasing page loading speed, strategising the website on your content using SEO methods (On Page SEO and Off Page SEO) are important processes in order to get your website ranked and seen. 

5. Lack of SEO tracking

There is no use in a website that you put effort into to rally in the most customers if you cannot track its progress. Just like a sales agent, without being able to track the number of sales he or she has made, you cannot determine their productivity. In order to track how your website is going and make improvements, we must be able to measure what are its strengths and weaknesses. In technical terms; which channel is traffic flowing in from the most, which pages and most visited, what keywords was most commonly used to reach the website. Gathering all this information, a web designer can then make adjustments and focus on the areas of a website that is working the best. If your web designer does not have the necessary Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills, then you should employ an experienced and proven SEO Consultant in Singapore to help you. This is money that you should not be afraid to spend because the returns to you will be many times the amount you spent.


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