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5 Packing Tips from Experience House Movers

November 1, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Moving Services

Are you looking for a moving company in Singapore as you are moving to a new place? Or what should you do in advance before your house movers arrived at your place to move your stuff? Pack up all the items and clothing you want to move to your new house! So, here are 5 packing tips that will help you when you are packing and unpacking your items.

1) Get rid of everything you do not need

You must have heard or read that the top tip is to get rid of stuff you do not need. This is true as it helps you in getting rid of unwanted and spoiled items and also things you did not know you have as you have no need for them.

2) Pack a bag for 1 or 2 weeks stay

It is a good idea to pack a bag or luggage with one or two week worth of clothes and daily necessities for when you move to your new place. With all your clothes stuffed in a box mixes with other boxes, it would be difficult for you to open every box just so you could find shirt and pants to wear. Hence, pack a bag with at least a week of clothes to wear and also daily necessities like towels, tooth brush and comb.

3) Pack items in drawers, luggage and basket

After sorting all the clothes and items you want to move to your new place, pack all your clothes back into the drawer so you would not need to put back all the clothes back into the drawer when you reach your new place. You can also save up on boxes needed to put your clothes in, but remember to tape up the drawer properly to prevent the drawer from opening and having all your clothes flying all over the place in the house movers truck.

And if you have carry-on luggage around which you are bringing to your new place, use them as a replacement of boxes. For heavy items like shoes and clothes, place them in your luggage so your house movers are able to move the luggage without carrying them, and store light towels and bedsheets in basket with an open top so it is lighter to carry around.

4) Number and color your boxes and list the items

Number the boxes and create an item lists for all the boxes. Although it takes up more time if you do this, but it will benefit you if you need to locate your items fast and accurately.

When you number your boxes and list down the items in it, you will be able to locate which box the items is being store at and you can also add the list into Google Document so that you can easily access the list on your phone. This way it will help lessen your time in finding items out of all the boxes in your home.

Use different color tape for different location on the boxes. This will help when you are unpacking the boxes into your new home. Your house movers would be able to know which boxes belongs to which room without you opening and checking each of the box content. This will help you save time and energy when you are unpacking.

5) Take pictures of your electronic before unwiring them

With so many electronics and cables in your house, you would not be able to remember which cable belongs to which electronic and even worst, you are unsure of which port it should be insert to. That is why you should always take a picture of the electronic with the cabling intact so that when you move to your new place you would know how to fix it back into your electronic and you would not need to find the assemble instruction online.

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