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How to Become a Recruitment Consultant in Singapore

September 10, 2020 | Author: | Posted in Careers, Industries & Professions

Recruitment agencies can come from every walk of life. You may have just graduated, left the armed forces, or just want a career change. The flexibility of the role of a trainee recruitment consultant is second to none and provides an opportunity for anyone with the drive and ambition to succeed in this highly competitive market.

There is a lot of money to be made as a recruitment agencies Singapore consultant if you are willing to put on a job – this job is not for the faint of heart! There are no formal qualifications although it does not help to have a specialization. This could be anything from a medical background, an engineering degree, or 10 years of work in the motor trade. All areas of the industry need hiring consultants and recruiting solutions so you can make your mark in any area of ​​business. Staying sharp and the ability to think quickly will take you several paths in the recruiting world. This is a competitive and highly competitive area. More than half of those who join the recruiting industry leave within a year, but those who give up and stay enjoy very high rewards for their work.

Few industries offer competitive salaries, especially considering that no formal qualifications are required. You should be prepared to knock all the way down and put in the extra hours, but the payoff is well worth it.

If you decide to become a trainee recruitment consultant you will most likely start as a researcher or resourcer. This job is called ‘entry level’ and you will be thoroughly trained by the experts in your company. They will guide you through the early stages until you are confident enough to start doing it yourself. As a researcher or resource person your main task is to assist current recruitment consultants by finding new candidates for temporary and permanent vacancies currently offered by your recruiting consultant. At this point the number of candidates you can submit per job is the most important factor, but this will turn into the financial aspect of the placement as you move up to become a recruiting consultant.

If you can reach your goals regularly, within three to twelve months you should be on your way to becoming a recruiting consultant. There are many opportunities for career development in the recruitment industry, and your desire to advance will be an important part of that. The size and structure of the hiring company you work for will also be a factor, the bigger the company, usually the more opportunities to advance.

As a trainee recruitment consultant you may want to settle in a niche business, live in a purely sales-based environment, move to recruiter in a site position, or move into account management. In time and with the hard work you may want to progress to become a team leader or managerial position in your hiring company or another in the industry. Recruitment skills will always remain the foundation of your career, but the ability to manage people, financial capabilities, and manage time will help you along the way.


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