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January 8, 2019 | Author: Zoe Gan | Posted in Automotive


If you ever want to make your own car but think it’s impossible, then think again.

Thousands of people around the world have done that and are now driving different cars from running factory vehicles sold by major producers. Since before the war, people have taken production of cars and used them as donors to create themselves. The two donor vehicles I remember are Austin 7 and the popular Ford. Often they are very basic construction, take the chassis, engine and gearbox, suspension and rear axle from the donor, then make very light, usually aluminum body. Many clubs are formed for racing and rallying these car workshop singapore. One of them, 750 Motor Club will still be today.

In the early days it was much simpler because there were less restrictions on what the legal requirements were from the point of view of feasibility. My own experience is from England, which is now a requirement to have a vehicle that is not a large-scale production model to have what is called an SVA test (one vehicle approval). Fortunately this is not the same as the type of agreement that the main producers need before they can sell their vehicle. No accident test needed !! However it is very strict with regard to aspects of car safety, both from the point of drivers and other road users.

What can you build? There are many choices depending on your budget, time and facilities obtained.
If you want to build a sports car from scratch, there is “Locost 7″ which is a replica of 7 Lotus originally designed by Colin Chapman. Ron Champion wrote a book called building your own sports car for less than £ 250. I built this one myself, even though it took three years and the budget was closer to £ 2000 !! To build a car like this, you need to have a variety of skills, such as the ability to weld and use electric tools and metalworking hands. You also need patience and determination to complete the project. You also need a good sized workshop with space to move and lots of storage space. Locost is really the beginning of building a car as you make a chassis and make the most of body panels, although there are some specialist suppliers from which you can buy most parts. If budget is not a problem, there are many car kit manufacturers who will provide you with a kit, or kit parts to build a Lotus 7 replica. Only a few are Caterham cars, Robin Hood, Westfield and tiger techniques.

There are also replica kits available for many of the classic car workshop singapore such as MG, Jaguar, Porche, AC Cobra, Austin Healy, Ferrari … The list is almost unlimited.

If you decide to seriously want to build your own car, there are thousands of resources available that will help you. The steps that I will take will go to your local newsagent and buy one or two kitcar magazines. Look at what vehicles are available and decide what your model is like in your price range. Go to Kitcar to show and see the cars. Talk to the owner / builder to find out how difficult it is to build their car. Once you have decided which car you want, do not immediately buy from the manufacturer. Check and see what is available, maybe parts are built or not even started. There are always advertisements in magazines, sometimes in your local newspaper, on the web and of course Ebay. Often they are available at very reduced prices, either because the builder has given up or their situation has changed and can no longer continue with their project. Last but not least, join the club for the car workshop singapore that you will build. There is nothing like having help and support from people who have done it before.

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