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Types of patient gown in Singapore

December 7, 2018 | Author: Madhin | Posted in Shopping and Product Reviews

A patient gown is worn to provide comfort to the patient during their stay in hospital, as well as to provide access for either pre-or post-operative treatment. Normally the patient gown is loose and thinner than regular clothes, this prevents the patients from overheating. Patient gown make the wearer feel more comfortable when using the toilets and even helps nurses and doctors when giving vaccination to the patients.


Patient gown is issued to all those individuals either spending the night in a healthcare facility for a surgical procedure, tests, or observation. Often, patient gown is also worn by individuals with appointments as outpatients (not spending the night) at a healthcare unit where surgical procedures or tests are also performed.

The patient gown is typically made with a light weight (within a 3.5–4.5 ounce/square yard range (130–170 g/m2)) are 50/50 polyester/cotton fabrics. The gowns are not necessarily considered to be comfortable to patients, partly due to the fact that they do not always promote individual modesty. However, an advantage of patient gowns is that they lend themselves to efficient physical examinations and to tests and bedside procedures, such as medication injections and blood sampling, all of which represent routine treatment and practice. It also helps to reduce the transmission of infection and transfer of contamination in a medical setting.


In the marketplace, the patient gown supplier has various types of patient gown in Singapore in different shapes and sizes.

  1. IV gowns – This type of hospital gowns are used the most. Shoulder snaps to allow for IV access make them very important.
  2. Tie closure gowns – Patient modesty is the top-most priority of these gowns. As they provide complete coverage, tie closure gowns have been always famous. Easy to ‘wear and take-off ’, they provide the patient a state of comfort and relief. Also, they are designed such to accommodate extra-large patients as well, and cover them fully, for that matter.
  3. Snap closure gowns – Most hospital gowns are known for not closing completely in the back and revealing more than we like. But not the snap closure gowns. These are designed with overlapping backs to ensure full coverage so that the patient doesn’t feel insecure.
  4. Exam gowns – Exam gowns are knee length and designed with both patient comfort and modesty in mind. Their main feature is that most of them overlap from the front, which compliments to their modesty.
  5. Disposable gowns – Being easy to use and cheap, no doubt they are preferred by a lot of people. Besides, they are just to be used once, so people will feel free and easy in them.


A large selection of hospital gowns that are well suited towards the requirement of every person are now available from the patient gown supplier. So, with these new types of hospital gowns the discomforting problem of patients and even the examiners is sure to be solved. For instance, an examiner can easily work out with a patient for gynecological examination by just opening the gown in the front without causing any discomfort to the patient. Even for technicians that perform mammograms it has become very easy for them to test the patient without exposing unnecessary areas. And it is no more one size fits all, there are alternative to choose the size that easily fits you.

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