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Technical Principle of Fire Fighting

August 8, 2017 | Author: Zoe Gan | Posted in Home & Family

Technical Principle of Fire Fighting

There are three important understandings related to the discussion of the principle of extinguishing the fire safety, namely:
1. First Understanding Based on the Triangle Of Fire theory, there are 3 main elements for the occurrence of a flame that is:


  • Fuel
  • Oxygen
  • Heat / Flare Source

2. Second UnderstandingOf the three elements in the fire safety firetronics triangle, according to the existence of certain physical quantity requirements connecting the sides of the fire triangle, ie


  • Flash point
  • Flammable range
  • Fire point
  • Ignition point

3. Third Understanding Elements of the occurrence of fire safety firetronics as described in the theory of Tetrahedron of fire there is a fourth element of free radical reactions that proved to have a big role in the process of the ongoing flame.Based on the above understanding of the theory, the technique to extinguish the fire safety firetronics can be done by four principles, namely:

  • The principle of cooling (Cooling), for example by spraying water The principle of covering the burning material (starvation) for example closing with the foam The principle of reducing oxygen (Dilution), eg spraying CO2 gas.The principle breaks the chain of fire safety firetronics reactions (strangling) with chemicals
  • The application of the above fire fighting principles can not be generalized, but it should be noted the type of material that is burned and then can be determined which moteda is suitable to be applied and what kind of media is appropriate.

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