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Tokyo Bust Express; A Life Changing Adventure

April 17, 2019 | Author: Miskandar | Posted in Beauty

Tokyo Bust Review

I have always been conscious of my body. I started my period at the age of 13. But one thing I wished never stopped developing back then were my breasts. Unlike all the other girls around me who had significant changes to their busts every year, my breasts seemed underdeveloped and undersized. To make matters worse, my towering height of 180 cm made me feel even more disproportionate. Thanks to Tokyo Bust Express, I am now in a different phase of life, happily working with a fuller natural boost of confidence. I wish I had known about Tokyo Bust Express a little earlier back then – my prom night would have been more glamorous with a wide variety of gowns for me to choose from!

It all came to light when I started noticing Catherine, a colleague of mine who had a similar body frame. I have known Catherine for three years, but in recent months, I noticed that her “assets” were much fuller than usual. She even started rocking shirts which highlight her voluptuous figure. It was unlike other boob-jobs as her shape doesn’t look fake, but look very natural. I am way younger than Catherine but how is she so well-endowed & shapely, what am I missing? It piqued my interest long enough, and one day, I finally plucked the courage to ask her about it. That was when she introduced Tokyo Bust Express to me.

Seeing is believing, and the notable changes that I witnessed on her have been my lifelong dream. Catherine also mentioned that there was no surgery, injections or pills involved throughout the entire treatment. I even did a little research online to learn a lot more about Tokyo Bust Express and their procedures. It is more than just household name, having been a proud presenter of Mediacorp’s Star Awards for three consecutive years.

Moreover, there are numerous positive Tokyo Bust Express review and experiences online that further boosted my confidence and trust in their services. Furthermore, I was thrilled to know that Tokyo Bust Express is also a CozyCot award winner. CozyCot is a social networking website for women from East Asia and Southeast Asia. With all that in mind, it was easy for me to pick up the phone and call Tokyo Bust Express.

Tokyo bust

I had never done any breast treatments before and was getting really nervous and sceptical about it. What made me even more excited was the fact that I was entitled to a $300 lucky draw after I’ve made my appointment with Tokyo Bust Express. Prior to the day of my appointment, I received calls to remind me of my treatment. I was a little late for my scheduled appointment due to the busy weekend traffic.

Fortunately, the receptionist was easy-going and accommodating enough to readjust my appointment to a slightly later timing. The customer care at Tokyo Bust Express is, without a doubt, top notch. I was greeted with warm, welcoming smiles and was given refreshments while I sat at a cosy waiting area while they registered my details. While waiting to be called in for my treatment, I took the opportunity to talk to a fellow patron, who turned out to be a regular customer. She shared her many wonderful experiences at Tokyo Bust Express with me, and since that day, she became my breast friend.

The Four Main Goals of Tokyo Bust Express

I stepped into the treatment room, and the staff at Tokyo Bust Express gave me a briefing on the treatment plans of the day. I was surprised to know that they also provide a range of great product and kits, a supplement to the treatment and services offered. No wonder they are said to the biggest and most well-endowed therapists in the industry. Based on the therapist’s explanation, I also learnt that it uses all-natural therapy using ancient techniques which originates from Japan.

Even the ingredients of the products that they used are mostly derived from herbaceous extracts. The explanations provided were all very detailed and factful. It was fascinating to understand more about the treatment before I actually experienced it. Tokyo Bust Express also caters to the women who lost the firmness of their breast due to ageing, weight loss or post-childbirth. I always had the impression that those factors are an irreversible and inevitable aspect of life.

Tokyo Bust Express

There is renewed hope for those who wish to firm and shape themselves up through natural remedies. The therapists at Tokyo Bust Express advised me that there should be a few sessions of the optional treatment plans if I wanted to achieve the optimum results. Incidentally, Tokyo Bust Express was having a promotion for most of their packages. I decided to opt for a few of their treatment plans that would benefit me in the long run. I have done my research beforehand and found that the prices at Tokyo Bust Express are worth every penny as compared to their competitors in the market.

The therapists went on further to explain in great detail of the four main goals of Tokyo Bust Express; bust detox, bust lifting, bust contouring and bust enhancement. The Bust Enhancement treatments at Tokyo Bust Express focus on achieving a fuller bust region while the Bust Contouring treatments aim to deliver a more symmetrical look of the breasts. Meanwhile, the Bust Lifting treatments tighten up the skin around the breast area to prevent it from appearing saggy and less firm. The Bust Detox treatment revitalises and improves circulation to avoid from any bust-related potential illness. All the treatments offered by Tokyo Bust Express can be customised accordingly. The explanation on my breasts and the procedures to enhance them to be fuller were also very comprehensive.

Of course, these perks came at a price. The treatments I signed up for exceeded my budget. Fortunately, Tokyo Bust Express offers several payment options that cater to every budget. After finalising on the procedures and making payments, I was led into one of the treatment rooms and changed into robes. They took various measurements of my breasts. Each separate session or specific treatment was handled professionally by the respective specialist of Tokyo Bust Express. I can’t emphasise enough on how friendly, knowledgable and professional they are in terms of customer care. My every concern became their concern, and they made sure I would be comfortable throughout the entire treatment and session, especially in terms of privacy. With this level of attention to service, it is no surprise why they are the largest natural bust enhancement specialist in business.

They were very meticulous; taking my measurements every time I turn up and at the end of every session or treatment. I was beaming with great happiness and surprise as my bust fared better and better with each measurement session than the very first time I came down to the centre. I never had my doubts, but it was needless to say I was a true believer in their treatments because I can actually feel the difference within me. I felt like a new, improved version of me. I became a more complete, more confident and sexier me.

You have got to try it yourself to believe it. There is a noticeable difference in just the first few sessions of treatment. I can only imagine how much better it will be after I have completed the entire procedure. I was lucky enough to receive a free goodie bag and a free cup maximiser massage, with a total worth of $3000. I gave the free cup maximiser massage, that could be redeemed on any day, to my neighbour so that she can experience the wonderful Tokyo Bust Express treatment herself. As for me, I cannot wait to fill up my emptiness and make my life feel full again when I can rock all the gowns and dresses of my dreams! If you are someone with a similar concern like me, look no further! Tokyo Bust Express should be on top of your list to shape you up to a fuller figure!

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