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Directory Singapore: A Good Place to Find Kitchen Equipment Suppliers

April 10, 2018 | Author: Zoe Gan | Posted in General

Are online business directories still important today? Absolutely yes! This is especially true if you are a restaurant owner or owns any other F&B business. A directory Singapore is very helpful when you are searching for companies that can supply your business with all the things you need. Whether you are looking for suppliers of kitchen equipment in Singapore or processed food suppliers, you can find them all in an online directory.


Most businesses these days have their own website where they showcase the products or services they offer. In fact, you can purchase any kitchen equipment Singapore and appliances you want with just a few clicks. But why would you still need a directory in Singapore?

Reasons to use an online directory in Singapore:

1. Easy to Use

Previously, a directory refers to a hard-bound book where you can find a listing of many businesses. But almost everything can be found online today. So if you are looking for a supplier, you can easily browse the Internet and key in the appropriate terms and then a list of potential suppliers will appear. With just a few clicks, you can get a list with vital information about the suppliers, such as website, address, contact details and what products they offer.


Most importantly, the suppliers in a directory in Singapore are categorised so it is easier to find the suppliers you are searching for. For instance, if you are looking for wine suppliers, you can view the Food & Drinks category and then you will be given a list of businesses that can supply you with wine. It is as easy as that.

2. Large List of Suppliers

A directory will not be called a directory if it doesn’t contain a large volume of businesses. Online directories hold a huge number of suppliers. A hospitality directory, for instance, contains many businesses related to the F&B industry. Do you need a frozen food supplier? Are you in search of kitchen utensils supplier? Looking for a kitchen equipment supplier? You can find them all at a hospitality directory. No need to search individually for suppliers and make a list on your own since you will be provided with a list.

Just imagine it this way – you can get a list of suppliers in just one site. You won’t have to search in major search engines, like Google, the specific suppliers and then search for another supplier until you find the best one. Through a directory, you don’t have to leave the website unless you want to check out the website of the supplier. Otherwise, you can call the supplier directly and discuss your needs.


3. Hassle-Free

No matter where you are, you can always browse the directory to search for a supplier (as long as you have an internet connection). As a business owner or manager, your schedule might be hectic and can’t find much time to search. This is where the directory in Singapore becomes handy. Whether you are on the train or bus, you can view the directory and search the category you are looking for and then you get a list. It is totally hassle-free.


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