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What Is Orthodontics?

March 16, 2011 | Author: huiping | Posted in Dental, Orthodontics (Braces)

Orthodontics is the dental discipline that studies and treats dental malocclusions (crooked teeth or incorrect bites). This problem is due to numerous causes and can be either aesthetic of functional in nature or even both.

Every case differs widely but all cases wish for the same thing, straighter teeth. Fortunately most cases can be corrected by Orthodontic treatment or “Braces” as it is commonly nicknamed. Orthodontics use a raft of equipment and techniques to “force” the teeth into a better position. As treatment differs for every patient, it is better to seek an appointment with a dental surgeon and let him or her perform an examination on your teeth before deciding on the next course of treatment.

Most patients are treated with a fixed type of appliance that is bonded to the teeth for the duration of the treatment. This is the most predictable and controllable technique. The other form of orthodontic treatment involves the use of a removable appliance often referred to as a “plate”. It has its uses and can be used in conjunction with fixed braces.

For “fixes” braces, it is generally referred to as Metal Braces or Ceramic Braces. The key difference between the two of them is that Metal Braces is the more traditional form of braces whereas Ceramic Braces has more aesthetic values because the color of the Ceramic Braces matches closely with the natural colour of the teeth.

We have to work with what is given, while improvements are achievable, expecting to have a perfect set of teeth like a model or movie star is only possible with a good starting base and/or with extensive adjunctive plastic surgery.

Talking about movie stars, another treatment that is available is called Invisalign. Basically Invisalign involves the change of the plastic that is use to “guide” your teeth into position. Once the teeth has moved into position, another set of Invisalign is worn by the patient. Invisalign is highly popular with many artistes because it does not affect the look of the star. Stars can actually wear or remove Invisalign whenever they want.

There are many ways to treat the various cases and might even require the extraction of a few teeth with treatment times of between two or three years along with numerous visits in between. Due to the extreme variation of each case it is best to make a consultation to determine just which is the best form of treatment for you.

If you would like to have orthodontics done, a very important factor is to choose a dental clinic in Singapore.

Lam Dental Surgery was started in 1971 by Prof. Ronald V Lam after leaving the Dental Faculty, University of Singapore and was located at the previous Specialists Center, Hotel Phoenix where now Orchard 313 stands. Prof. Lam specialized in removable denture prosthodontics and received his post graduate training in Ohio State University.

In 1985 Dr. Andre Lam joined our clinic and expanded its facilities. Two years later in 1987 Dr. Bernice Chow and Dr. Ho Soo Herng joined this enlarged practice.

By 1997 Lam Dental Surgery had to find a more suitable location and moved to Orchard Building opposite Orchard Cineleisure where it is still located. Dr. JoAnne Lam a Specialist Endodontist joined our clinic in 2007 to provide expert root canal treatment for an ever burgeoning clientele. In 2008 Dr. Glaphyra Lim joined our clinic and together Lam Dental Surgery aims to provide the highest standard of straight forward, trustworthy dental care to our patients.

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