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What Is Endodontics Care in Singapore?

March 16, 2011 | Author: huiping | Posted in Dental, Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Endodontics, or root canal treatment (therapy) is a specialized discipline concerned with saving teeth severely effected by pulp pathology that used to be lost because of being extracted. Without Endodontic treatment the infection of the tooth and its surrounding area of support will most certainly result in the tooth being extracted. If you do not want your teeth to go into this stage, please take care of your teeth properly.

With Endodontics the Dental Surgeon salvages such damaged teeth by the complete removal of the dead or dying pulp/nerve tissue, disinfection, and shaping of the canals and completely filling the clean, empty root canals with proper materials. A properly done procedure prevents the development of the periapical lesions due to the infection of the root.

Over at Lam Dental Surgery, the dental clinic located in Singapore’s Orchard Road, we have a Zeiss operating microscope specially made for endodontics that brings the following advantages:

It allows for the accurate evaluation of the most complex endodontic anatomy, assuring a complete cleaning, and avoiding the damage which is easily results from working in extremely small areas which are usually poorly lit by traditional lamps.

The canals are cleaned and shaped using the latest NiTi rotary instruments so as to provide the best possible access and delivery of sterilization agents to destroy any remaining bacteria. Complete decontamination of the root canals speeds up the healing process of periapical lesions.

Using the combination of latest technological advances and established endodontic treatment can be done with an extremely high rate of success and very low rate of post-treatment complications.

Surgical endodontics, a procedure called Apicoetomy is performed only when routine or normal through-the-crown techniques are impossible like when there are metal posts cemented in place permanently in the root canals as so often done when dentists are restoring a previously root-filled tooth. It is not our first choice of treatment but in some cases it will be the last resort.

Our resident Endodontic Specialist, Dr Jo-Anne Lam routinely attends to such pre-treated teeth, removing calcifications, broken instruments, or repairing root perforations in teeth that were previously considered hopeless. Not all such “impossible” cases can be rectified to full satisfaction but we are sure to discuss the outcome with you should you have the misfortune to suffer from such pathology.

If you are looking for a trusted and caring Endodontists in Singapore, do drop by the dental clinic in Singapore – Lam Dental Surgery.

Lam Dental Surgery was started in 1971 by Prof. Ronald V Lam after leaving the Dental Faculty, University of Singapore and was located at the previous Specialists Center, Hotel Phoenix where now Orchard 313 stands. Prof. Lam specialized in removable denture prosthodontics and received his post graduate training in Ohio State University.

In 1985 Dr. Andre Lam joined our clinic and expanded its facilities. Two years later in 1987 Dr. Bernice Chow and Dr. Ho Soo Herng joined this enlarged practice.

By 1997 Lam Dental Surgery had to find a more suitable location and moved to Orchard Building opposite Orchard Cineleisure where it is still located. Dr. JoAnne Lam a Specialist Endodontist joined our clinic in 2007 to provide expert root canal treatment for an ever burgeoning clientele. In 2008 Dr. Glaphyra Lim joined our clinic and together Lam Dental Surgery aims to provide the highest standard of straight forward, trustworthy dental care to our patients.

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