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How Can Live Chat On A Website Help Me In My Business

August 24, 2018 | Author: Zoe Gan | Posted in Web Design

live chat feature in websites

Looking at some pages? Have a Question? Who do you ask? Out of the the businesses, not many of them have a live chat service as one of their web design services. People are left hanging on the page, with no one to ask and answer those queries that they have. With that, they will be more willing to find another website that is able to answer their queries as soon as possible. They would be left there waiting for a reply that probably no one would know when they would be able to answer.

Although they have to wait for reply from the website, it would be possible from them to have either sent a message or just call the customer service that would be shown. However, people would always want to find the easy way out. They would of course prefer using to live chat to communicate. They would be able to get the answer fast and easily. Here are some of the benefits that you can take into mind for you business.

Live Chat help increase sales

In terms of money, the increase in sale could most probably be significantly seen for a sales related company. Live chat is helpful in creating leads and hence generating sales. As live chat gives visitors more answers, turning them from visitors to paying consumers. There will also be a reduced in the expenses. Live chat service generally cost lesser than phone bills. Not only that, there could be a lesser need of huge manpower. A trained agent will be able to handle at least 3 live chats at the same time. With that it would be able to handle a larger number of visitors, with lower personnel cost.

Also the satisfactory level of the customers would improve, they would be confident that they able to get help whenever they want if the live chat feature choice is available for them to decide if they want. The convenience for the visitors is also there, they are able to multitask as they work without spending their whole time there talking to someone but just use the live chat to talk whenever they want. They also voted live chat as one of their mode of communication when doing business. They would leave better reviews and comments that are able to attract new customers when the good review that they are able to see.

For your own benefit, you will be able to look at the past records of the messages that are made between the staffs and the visitors. They would be able to provide you with the ability to check the performance of your employee. Compared to just the phone support, you would have difficulties understanding their performance and the trouble of each visitor, as you have to listen to each of the call conversation to review the staff’s performance. Now with the live chat feature, you just have to search the important things that are required for your data. With the data that can be found, it will be able to help you better plan future marketing strategies to gain more site traffic in your website.

Web Design Service would be a benefit to you

With all the benefit that are mentioned above, you could go back to your web design company to tell the web designer to add in this as a new feature. Or if you haven’t had your website done, you could go find a Singapore web design company to get your web design done with all the features that you want!

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