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Full-Time Maid and Part-Time Helper in Singapore

October 31, 2018 | Author: Zoe Gan | Posted in cleaning services


Difference Between Full-Time Maid and Part-Time Helper in Singapore

Singapore is known for the fast-paced society, where everyone is constantly busy and involved in many activities. This means that Singaporeans do not have time for household chores and need to get external help.

At this point, while Singapore ans are looking for help with their chores, they are presenting with two options, to hire a full-time maid or a part-time helper in Singapore & cleaning services penielcleaning? We discuss the pros and cons to aid your decision.

Space at Home

Full-Time Maids require a space in your house to live in, including a bed, as they live, eat and sleep with the family while cleaning the house. In Singapore, most houses are very small as we are a small country. Most families live in HDBs, and not landed properties that are many levels high. Hence, there may not be a room or space for a full-time maid to live in together with the family. Meanwhile, a part-time helper can help you complete your household chores without having to live in your home together with your family. The part-time helper will go over to your house to clean, wash the clothes, and other chores required. All that’s needed is to schedule which days and at what times should they go over to your house to complete the tasks or work.

Costs of Service

When you have a full-time maid who lives together with the family, you are required to pay for the full-time maid’s meals, as well as living expenses, such as for showering, sleeping, trips to buy groceries and more. You would also have to pay for a maid levy of $265 per month to the Ministry of Manpower to hire a full-time maid. However, part-time helpers in Singapore are paid by a fixed hourly rate. If you do not need cleaning almost every day of the week, a part-time helper is more cost efficient, as you only pay for the hours that they are cleaning for you.

Invasion of Privacy

Some Singaporeans would not want a stranger in their house at all times. With a full-time maid, the owners of the house might not feel comfortable or trust the maid in their home. Home is where people can be themselves and relax, but to some, a stranger may give the owner some discomfort, and become unable to relax. Some even fear that the maid would steal something valuable from their house and run away without trace, causing them to lose a lot of assets. For those who feels especially cautious, the part-time helper option is better. You can just schedule the part-time  helper’s visits to be on days you are not at home, or at home depending on what you are wary of.

Which Should You Hire?

Many Singapore ans still opt for the full-time maid, and the main reason is that they require the maid to be at their house all the time. This is due to the fact that most have children or elderly that they are too busy to take care of. However, part-time helpers are gaining popularity as they offer a cheaper alternative for cleaning the house and doing other chores. In addition, they do not require a living space in your home and do not invade your personal privacy.

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