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Pest control Singapore Advancepest Rodent Control Plan

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Pest control Singapore Advancepest

Pest control Singapore Advancepest is the leading pest control company in Singapore. We offer effective and trustworthy residential and commercial rodent control and rodent extermination services. Our reliable NEA certified pest control professionals Pest control Singapore Advancepest are always ready to advise you on our range of preventive and responsive pest control solutions.
Useful Info About Rodents:House mouse: 5 1/2 to 7″; Rat: 13 to 16″ (including tail)

Pest control in singapore Advancepest
What Do They Feed On?

Rodents are well adapted to life with us and love many of the items we consume. Generally, mice prefer cereals and grains while rats like garbage. However, both will feed on any available food despite their preference.
Where Do They Normally Hide?
Rodents are typically nocturnal and may hide inside wall voids, under furniture or appliances. On the other had, rats often nest outside in soil near foundations or dense shrubbery.

What Are Their Harm To Me & My Family?
Rodents bring contamination and spread diseases as well as allergies and triggering asthma in some individuals. Besides that, their constant gnawing can cause damages to structures and properties and even fire if electrical wires are damaged.

Our Rodent Extermination Plan:Rodents are responsible for the spread of over 35 diseases. In their quest for food and shelter, these invaders can squeeze through tiny openings present in our homes and offices. Their invasions bring contamination to food, transportation of fleas and spreading of diseases like plague, murine typhus and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
At Pest Control Singapore, we have the best rodent control and rodent extermination plans to help you get rid of such pestering pests.
We can help you solve your rodent problems.
To request a free inspection at your home or office, call 24 Hour Hotline +(65) 6266 4055 or email: enquiry@advancepest.com.sg
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ANTS PEST CONTROL & TREATMENT METHODSAnts ControlAnts are social insects and form colonies. They live in a caste system (queen, drone & workers) with each performing different roles & functions. They are found in all kinds of places as they travel to find food. While some inflict pain through bites & stings, they are normally just a nuisance to men.

Their food preference differs according to their species, ranging from sweet-based items, protein-rich food to grease. When the worker ants forage for food, they leave behind a scent trail (pheromones) for other members to find the way to the food source. Most of the time, only a small number of workers are out looking for food as the rest stay in the nest to do cleaning and caring for the brood.
Once an existing colony is over-populated, they will move to form a new one.

The common ants found in Singapore are:Fire antsCrazy antsSugar antsCarpenter antsPharaoh ants
At Pest control Singapore Advancepest, we have the solutions to solve your ant infestation. Depending on the situation of each of our customers, our solutions consists

Thorough inspection of your home, office or restaurant for most suitable treatment. Spraying of areas to eliminate current population & prevent their intrusion.Gel, baits to eliminate colony.Follow up visit to ensure infestation under control.

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