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Marina Bay Sands abolishes sick leave penalty

January 27, 2011 | Author: huiping | Posted in Business, Human Resources (HR), News and Society, Society

Singapore – Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has reversed its stance on penalising employees who fall sick during the Chinese New Year period after public outrage.

Casino dealers will no longer be awarded demerit points for falling sick, following a public uproar at the arbitrary rules designed to keep the casino at MBS staffed during Chinese New Year (CNY). The CNY period which falls on 2 to 10 February is expected to be the busiest period since the casino opened.

The Straits Times had reported yesterday that MBS was planning to award its employees who fail to turn up for work during the Chinese New Year period demerit points, even if they have a valid medical certificate (MC) for being sick.

Not all employees are happy that it took MBS so long to reverse its policy, though. A 33-year old dealer, who has been working at the casino since it opened, said, “I don’t think they would have done anything about it if this was not highlighted in the media.”

He added, “The feeling among us is that as long as it is within the law, they do not really care about their staff.”

Among critics of the policy, was the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), which had advised MBS to reverse its stance.

A ministry spokesman said, “After discussions with MBS, MOM has received the assurance that the company has reviewed its staff point system, including delinking it from the medical leave and has also updated their employees accordingly.”

In a previous memo, MBS croupiers who skip work without an MC during the CNY period will receive four demerit points. However, perfect attendance will result in four merit points.

The points system, which is accumulated throughout the year, will affect staff’s promotions and bonuses during their annual performance appraisal.

These tough measures were reported to be implemented in response to nearly 17% of 1,500 dealers taking sick leave on New Year’s Eve last month.

Even though MBS has abolished awarding demerit points, employees with a perfect attendance during the CNY period will still be given four merit points.

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