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My Awesome Experience at Tokyo Bust Express

April 16, 2019 | Author: Madhin | Posted in General

If you had known me back then, you would agree that I look fitter and sexier now, all thanks to Tokyo Bust Express and a weight regiment I got from my friend, Anna, who I met in college. When I was growing up, I had weight management issues. My body shape as a young girl was entirely different from those around me of the same age. I am not as agile as them, and my move or physical manoeuvrability was quite limited. I was never considered as a teammate of choice whenever there were games or competitions as I was a great disadvantage to any team. My bodyweight troubled me over and over again, significantly affecting my self-confidence, self-esteemed and relations with friends. I was ready and willing to do anything to become slim. When I joined college, I met Anna. She too had issues with obesity as a young girl but had successfully reduced her weight to decent levels. She taught me how and it worked perfectly. The only problem was that unlike her who had small boobs, mine were big and slimming down made them looked a little too saggy. I had to fix them as soon as possible or else their effect on my appearance would potentially be even worse than my overweight issues that I had just fixed. Anna, who had just become my best friend, once again gave a solution, introduced and recommended Tokyo Bust Express and their wonderful services to me. So young she was but I’m still amazed of the experience she had at that young age. She was the one who informed me about Tokyo Bust Express’ cup maximiser massage and the other treatment services offered. She told me that she had many friends who regularly used their services. She also believed that Tokyo Bust Express’ bust contouring and bust lifting services would certainly solve my problem.

I had no reason to doubt Anna’s advice because she’s living proof of the things she shared and talked about. I did my own research to confirm all the information she gave from their website tokyobustexpress.com and found that all the information she gave about bust enhancement, bust contouring, bust lifting and bust detox services was accurate. Her friends who were regular customers at Tokyo Bust Express shared with me their stories; one of them even showed me her before and after photos for the treatment. Indeed, the changes to her were significant. I was completely unaware about Tokyo Bust Express and their services whereas Ann and most of her friends knew almost all the finer details. The reviews I found online encouraged and convinced me further. I was completely sold. I decided to drop by and visit their facility.

Tokyo Bust Express Services

Everything was great from the moment I arrived. The receptionist was so friendly. I was directed to a warm and neat waiting room and given a glass of water, and within no time, a very friendly and elderly Japanese lady came into the room and introduced herself. She was pretty much aware why I was there and led the conversation throughout the entire time. She asked me how I knew about Tokyo Bust Express and after learning that Anna referred me, she felt so glad. Later on, Anna told me that they contacted her and offered her a free massage. The lady took me through the services they provide, which includes:


Bust Detox: This treatment is mainly done by a carefully designed natural massage procedure that aims at improving circulation in the bust area. This reduces the accumulation of toxins and therefore minimising the occurrence of bust related illnesses.


Bust Enhancement: This natural bust enhancement procedure would benefit ladies with smaller than average breasts size and those who want to improve their feminine appearance by enhancing their figure to have a better, fuller shape. The lady went on further to describe the well-designed procedure that would make underdeveloped busts acquire the optimal volume and shape. Once the treatment is complete, the bust region would appear fuller and more curvaceous, giving a more sexy and voluptuous appearance.

Bust Contouring: This treatment is perfect for correcting contorted or asymmetric boobs. It basically revitalises and strengthens the bust support tissues. This procedure would help to boost and beautify the empty sections of the décolleté area to make it shapelier and more balanced. It is obviously weird to have disproportionate or asymmetrical boobs, and this treatment would undoubtedly offer a sure fix.

Bust Lifting: Tokyo Bust Express’ bust lifting treatment is intended to produce a firmer bust line that will delight every woman as it creates an attractive and youthful appearance of your chest area. It works by rejuvenating the skin and increasing the firmness of the minute muscles in the bust area. This is, therefore, a perfectly natural treatment to sagging boobs.

Just as Ann had predicted, the woman also told me that my sagging and asymmetrical breasts required bust contouring and bust lifting treatments. She gave me a brief history of Tokyo Bust Express and explained to me that their cup maximiser massage is an award-winning treatment that improves the bust areas for ladies and promotes tissue regeneration. She also told me that the good Tokyo Bust Express reviews that I saw were from some of the 25,000 satisfied customers the organisation had served over the years from the time it started. This elderly, but still very energetic lady, also told me that she was one of the pioneer beneficiaries of the treatments and that she attributed her current great strength to it. Tokyo Bust Express uses cutting-edge technologies and natural techniques of Japanese origin to attain their proven visible results. The woman also told me how much both treatments would cost me and the promotions they had at that time. By then I was still in college and since my parents had always emphasised that I should focus on my studies, I did not want to involve them in what I was about to do because I knew that they would feel that I was losing focus on my studies. So I had to use my pocket money to pay for it, and since it was clearly not enough, I told the lady about it. On hearing this, she was so understanding and told me that she would talk to the manager to lower the price for me by half, which she did. She also told me that because it was my first time at Tokyo Bust Express and I was so excited about it, they would offer me free massage and discounts for any the other treatments they offered if I wished to have them as well. In addition, the lady also told me that I did not have to book or wait, and that provided the money was ready, they were prepared to start the treatment. I felt so lucky and grateful for having had Anna as a friend because a few months ago I felt so hopeless and after meeting her it appeared that everything is working out for me. I finally had hopes of finding a permanent solution to my nightmare about my physical appearance. I started imagining how sexy I would look after I have completed all the treatments and services. I couldn’t wait to stand in front of the class and say something without anybody throwing a negative comment to my face just because of my big size. I couldn’t wait to go out and jump like crazy with other girls during games. I can’t wait to be the cool, sexy girl that the male students felt attracted to. Even though I had never experienced how it feels to be such a girl in my whole life, I now imagined it and thought I have been missing out.


I went home to get the money and my state of mind ready for the big procedure. I felt so excited and was looking forward to the big day. After a week, I went back, and it was a fantastic experience once again. The receptionist directed me to her office where I made the payment and had a brief talk with her on what I was to experience during the procedure and that it would not last long. She also told me that I would experience a slight discomfort during the treatment and not to expect to see an immediate change or effect to take place on the very same day. The differences would be evident after one week. I filled some questionnaire before being handed over to a middle-aged Japanese lady who was even friendlier. She felt so excited about having me and she told me that she would be the one to perform the procedures and that another lady, who is their senior, will come in from time to time to check the progress and to ensure that I was comfortable. She also assured me that the procedure would be done in a private room and that the patient information at Tokyo Bust Express is treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Most importantly, she described the results I was to expect from the procedure and showed me pictures of them. These included a fuller bust line from the bust maximiser massage, tight and supple skin, firmer bust, improved bust shape, and the elimination of the sagging appearance of my busts.

The lady then took me to a neat private room and told me to change into a robe and lie on a table, which was so comfortable. She then started the procedure, which took quite long but I did not even feel it because the lady made sure that I felt at ease. When all was done, she performed some tests and assured me that everything was fine and that I would start seeing the changes within a week. I never felt happier and true to their words; my breasts began to become firm and less saggy within a week. After a month, they were awesome. It felt great, and I felt confident. I even went back to thank them personally.

My life changed entirely after the treatment I received at Tokyo Bust Express. It made me feel very sexy and attractive. I feel so confident and proud of my looks. The greatest thing about them is that they only use healthy and safe ways to help women attain a fuller and more curvaceous bust line that they crave for through the natural bust enhancement programs that originated from Japan. They fully rely on extraordinary therapy, age-old techniques and herbaceous extracts that are very safe, unlike other organisations that use pills, injections or surgical treatments. Tokyo Bust Express also offers outstanding customer service and maintained excellent patient information confidentiality. I had an exceptional experience, and I would give Tokyo Bust Express a review of 5 stars. I would definitely recommend them to others.


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