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Getting Uninterruptible Power Supply For Computers

October 25, 2018 | Author: Madhin | Posted in General

Computers need uninterruptible power supply for non-stop operation. Uninterrupted power supply can assured by or with the help of UPS which provides short-term power supply when the input power source fails. Nonetheless, there are certain other issues that can be corrected with the help of UPS units e.g. power failure, surge, sag, etc. amongst others. Thus, UPS has emerged as an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power when there is no electricity supply.


UPS plays crucial role in running a computer successfully and uninterruptedly in situations of total loss of input of voltage i.e. power supply. The places which are prone to load shedding and power-cuts should opt for Uninterruptible Power Supply company in Singapore solutions for the reason that an instant loss of input voltage can cause huge damage to computer and data in it. Apart from working as a power supplier during loss of input voltage, UPS also helps in maintaining a proper voltage when there is fluctuation in power supply.

At times computer users feel a momentary or sustained reduction in input voltage; they should use UPS to save the computer from any sort of damage. Similarly, an UPS also protects data and hardware of computer when there is brief high voltage excursion. Computers used in the areas that have frequency instability should always be used with UPS for the reason that it provides power supply when there are temporary changes in the mains frequency.

Uninterrupted Power Supply and Its Role

Contrary to general perception that UPS provides power to computers in case there’s a blackout, it performs several other functions too that ordinary people are unaware of. For instance, it not only produces and supplies power to the computer when there’s a power failure, but also keeps the voltage at a constant rate. This helps a computer user save the device from unintended and instant abruption of electricity supply.

Thus, providing unhindered power supply to computers, UPS comes in three major forms; the first one is standby UPS. The rest two are On-line UPS and Line Interactive UPS. All the three aim to provide power supply for at different situations or requirements. For instance, a standby UPS which is a basic design of the UPS provides power supply only when there is blackout. The UPS remains inactive as long as there is electricity; once, it is gone, the UPS starts functioning.

On-line UPS on the other hand draws current from the main source of power; however, it supplies the power from its own battery to the computer. Line Interactive UPS, however, is a modified form of the original UPS system that helps in providing steady power supply to computer.

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