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What kind of sewing accessories are available in the market?

October 29, 2016 | Author: Zoe Gan | Posted in Careers, Industries & Professions

There are countless of sewing accessories that can be found in the market. It is all depends on what you want to sew before choosing the sewing accessories. What are the more common sewing accessories in Singapore? Fret not, just surf the net “sewing accessories in Singapore” and there you go, with the endless list of sewing accessories that is available in the market.

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Sewing thread, different high end scissors range, measuring tape, textile decorative and many more are the sewing accessories in Singapore. There are way too much to list down, the above mentioned are just the common ones that can be found in most of the sewing shops. Sewing threads is of course the necessity; nobody can sew something without sewing thread. Sewing thread comes in different colors, sizes and thickness. Some sewing threads are of good quality which means that it will not wear off easily.


As for scissors, there are many different kinds in sewing accessories. For different material of cloths, some of them needed sewing scissors to cut so that the cloths will not be damaged. There is also scissors that allows users to cut and create patterns on the cloths. This is usually used when you want to create patterns on clothing. Pinking shears is the common scissors that is being used while sewing. The blades of the pinking shears are saw-toothed instead of straight and it will leave a zigzag pattern instead of a straight edge. Pinking shears is best to use for cutting woven cloth. Cloth edges that are unfinished will easily fray and threads can be pulled out easily. The saw tooth does not prevent the fraying but it helps to limits the length of the frayed thread and thus minimizes damage. These scissors can be used for decorative cuts and there is different numbers of patterns that is available. However, pinking shears are not meant for paper decoration because paper dulls the cutting edge.

For textile decorative, it is one of the sewing accessories that many people like.  You can find textile decorative online to sew it on your clothing or even on gifts that you wants to give to your loved ones. You can also create your own personal designs by sewing the decorative patches on your cushions, throws or handbags. They can be easily sewed on items.

textile decorative

Beside all these sewing accessories, what play the most essential row are the needles needed to sew! A sewing needle comes with a pointed tip. There are many different types of hand sewing needles such as sharp needles, beading, applique and many other different kinds.  Sharp needles are the most common one, used for general hand sewing that is built with a sharp point and a round eye. Beading needles are very fine and it can hold a number of beads at a time.  An applique needle is an all-purpose needle for sewing and patch work.

With all these sewing accessories Singapore, sewing can be more enjoyable when all these accessories come into hands.






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