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3 Advantages Of Buying An Adjustable Speed Drives

September 19, 2014 | Author: Jamie | Posted in Business, Economics, Small Biz / Entrepreneurship

3 Advantages Of Buying An Adjustable Speed Drives

Adjustable speed drives are equipment that are used to control the speed of machinery. Industrial processes operate at different speeds for a different variety of products. They are used when the process demands the adjustment of flow from a pump or fan.
Different speeds can be selected from an adjustable speed drive. Speeds may be selected from several different ranges. If the output speed can be changed without range, the drive is usually referred to as variable speed.

Adjustable speed drives can be mechanical, electromechanical, hydraulic or electronic. The outer appearance consists of a rugged, sealed cast case, input shaft and of course, an adjustable speed control. The speed of the machinery is controlled easily using a control lever which is a simple looking locking mechanism or a screw control to hold the speed at the desired speed that was set. Adjustable speed drive machinery models are readily available with controls that work in clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation to better serve the users, making it easier for them to work the machinery.

Here are a few of the advantages using an adjustable speed drive as means of controlling a process can bring:

- Smooth operation in factories
- Able to have acceleration and decelerate control
- More Energy saving as compared to fixed speed drives

Smooth Operation
An adjustable speed drive will always provide a smoother operation than fixed speeds drive. For example, In a sewage station, sewage usually flows through sewer pipes using the force of gravity to a certain location. From there it will be pumped somewhere where treatment process will take place. If fixed pumps are used, the pumps start when the level of liquid reaches a certain height and the pump stops when the water level is low. Turning the pumps on and off causes high electricity volts of electric current to start motor that will cause electromagnetic, thermal stress to the motor and the power control equipment. Mechanical and hydraulic stresses will also be inflicted on the pumps. When adjustable speed drives are used, the pumps of the machinery operate at a constant speed continuously and increases its speed when the water level increases. This would make the inflow and outflow to be about the same, reducing the stress caused on the pumps. This provides a much smoother operation for the sewage process.

Able to have acceleration and decelerate control
Being able to accelerate and decelerate adjustable speed drives is a huge advantage. This makes it able for people working in the process line to take full control of the operations of the process. This would also reduce the electricity consumption taken up by the machine and would greatly help the company in saving costs.

Energy saving

Adjustable speed drives use up less energy as compared to fix speed drives. This is because the speed of fans for adjustable speed drives can be controlled unlike fix speed drives. Using adjustable speed drive machinery will help reduce costs. The savings may seem minimal but when added up for weeks to come, it is definitely worth it.

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